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Welcome to the PTA section!


AGM Update

We were very pleased to welcome some new faces to the committee!


Friends Committee 2014-15

Karen Baker, Danielle Buda, Kerry Cook, Emma Cotter, Karen Cushway, Vicki Elborn, Becky Gallagher, Lynne Jones, Gary King, Julie Lee, Mandy McDonagh, Sian Midgen, Sarah Poole, Jackie Scott, Adrianne Shapland, Lucy Thompson, Clare Williams (new)


Results of election were:


Emma Cotter re-elected as Chair;

Karen Baker elected as Vice-Chair;

Jackie Scott re-elected as Treasurer;

Karen Cushway elected as Secretary.


Don’t forget, we will always welcome new faces throughout the year, and you don’t have to be on the committee to help us at an event.

Nomination for Friends Committee and Class Reps