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Special Educational Needs

Our approach to children with learning difficulties will continue to be revised in the light of changing needs and circumstances.  Every support and help will be given to any child whose need is such that they require additional resources or help.  The Code of Practice set down by the Government is followed and when necessary children are placed on the appropriate stages of support.  A teacher is employed as the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator to judge the appropriate level of support for each child.  She works closely with the Learning Support Team, all teachers, parents and children to help each child achieve his or her potential.  The SENCO oversees the writing of the Individual Education Plan.


When a child is thought to need further help to progress with his or her learning, an Individual Education Plan is written.  Parents are invited to be part of the whole process involved in writing and reviewing the Individual Education Plans. The IEP follows the child through school in order to ensure the correct support is available in class.  Occasionally children will work individually or in small groups with a member of the support staff.


A governor of the School acts as link governor for special needs.  Visits to the School are made on a regular basis to discuss needs and provision.  All procedures have been developed in line with the Code of Practice.