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Vision and mission



With Jesus we learn to love and love to learn.
As educators we must be aware of the whole person. We aim to create a happy, disciplined, 
secure atmosphere in which children can learn to develop academic skills and knowledge 
alongside social and physical skills, so that each child is aware of their human worth - and 
that they are special and have something to contribute to the whole of society in a fast 
changing world.


Our aim is to enable children to become independent and responsible adults, able to 
contribute to and participate in a society seeking justice and peace - enabling them at the 
same time to be adaptable and capable of adjusting to their changing environment and new 

Our aim is to encourage children to co-operate with others and build up meaningful 
relationships, respecting their differences, and sympathising with their feelings.


Our aim is to encourage the stronger and more talented to help the weaker, and to further 
their own capacity for enjoyment of life.


Our aim is to use language and number effectively.


Our aim is to foster and encourage a deep spiritual awareness of God as embodied in the:
a) whole of creation;
b) child's own worth and value;
c) school, parish and local community.


Our aim is to encourage children to take pride in their work, to evaluate it themselves, to 
accept responsibility, and to contribute to the life of the School and community.
The overall aim is that each child should fulfil his / her potential.

The Wednesday Word


The Sunday Gospel through School on Wednesday