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Hello Campers (Hawks),


Ha Ha Ha... real funny.  Yesterday I said I'm not a parrot, today our class icon has been changed to a parrot.   This individual must think they are a real comedian.  Well this has really ruffled my feathers and I am on to you... Today, I successfully eliminated Mrs Murray and Mrs Baker.  I will put the remaining suspects up tomorrow.


Please see this week's newsletter from Mrs Breeze above.  I would like you all to ensure your parents read this message.  I would like to further what Mrs Breeze has said, it is extremely hard to teach your own child (trust me, I am teaching mine), however, please do not worry if they do not understand or get hugely stuck with some of the work, it is not a problem if they are unable to complete a task.  Whatever is tricky, I will go over with them all when we return so please just make sure your child's and your own well-being at home is put first.  Enjoy the opportunity you all have together.


More importantly, I am hugely upset with the lack of emoji's available to me to use crying.


Remember everyday is to start with the Joe Wicks PE lesson - on his YouTube channel at 09:00.


Thinking of you all,  


Mr Munn and Miss Bell (who stepped up and completed her challenge... I am yet to hear Mr Bell's thoughts on her latest artwork, I will of course inform you when I do yes)

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Hi Hawks, please excuse the intrusion, this is Mrs Wallington - just to let you know that Young Voices are now doing live singing sessions through their Facebook page.  Have a look in the Music section on the school website to find the link.  I've already joined in with the first session and it was really really fun!  You don't have to have done Young Voices before to join in, all your family will enjoy it!    Don't forget to check into YUMU to find your weekly music task too!

Take Care


Mrs Wallington has issued you all with individual logins to keep doing some music using a programme called YUMU.  You should now have made a note of your username and password.  Keep this safe. Mrs Wallington will put up a music task each week for you to try.  It might be nice to do this on a Thursday when we normally have music.