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Home-School Links

Over recent years we have tried to improve and develop our links with parents.  Detailed below are the events which take place during the course of the year.  We would welcome your comments and suggestions to ways in which we can improve.



A consultation with your child's Class Teacher or where appropriate their teacher for Literacy / Numeracy where the curriculum plan for the year will be shared.  


Foundation Stage:  Parents are invited to discuss with the class teacher their child’s initial assessment and to share learning goals.




An opportunity to discuss the progress your children are making with their Class Teacher.



Reports are sent home to all parents (of children in years 1 to 6)during this term.  An optional consultation is arranged when staff are available to discuss reports.



An open evening is held for the whole school (if regulations allow.)


Parents are invited to phone the School Office to arrange a discussion with the Class Teacher or Headteacher if any aspects of their child's work are giving cause for concern.

Parents’ Views:  The school seeks the views of parents as required via a questionnaire and responds to the comments made.