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Times Tables

"If you know your times tables, you can really start to enjoy the maths"

"If you know them, you don't have to think so much when it comes to work like fractions and measurement."

"I'm scoring really high in my arithmetic papers because I know my times tables."


It is true, times tables really are the key to being a fluent mathematician!


Times tables are taught at St Clare's within maths lessons, but we need your support to reinforce this at home! Fluency makes all the difference! Logging onto Times Table Rockstars for 5 minutes every day is equivalent to over 30 hours a year, just having fun and learning at the same time!

Ask your child's teacher for their login and get ROCKING!


What multiplication table do we focus on each term?

Times Tables are not taught in KS1, rather the concept of multiplication is introduced in Year 2 when thinking about counting in groups of 2s, 5s and 10s. Specific teaching of times tables is reserved for Years 3 and 4, however at St Clare's we continue the discrete teaching of times tables all the way up to Year 6. 


Children in Year 4 will have to take a Multiplication Tables Check in June where their fluency in times table recall will be assessed. The expectation is that children should know all of their times tables, including division facts, by the end of Year 4. 

How are Times Tables taught at St Clare's?

Because we are a teaching for mastery school, times tables are taught by exposing the structures of multiplication. We explore the patterns within times tables, looking to see if they are odd or even, if they have any repeating patterns or if we can make links between any other times tables. Each class has a times table display and focuses on their specific times table either within everyday maths lessons, or in separate lessons.

Teachers perform a start and end of term assessment so we can always keep an eye on your child's progress in their times tables.