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Hi there Ospreys, 


We hope you are all doing ok. It feels very strange not seeing you all every day but we want you to know that we are thinking of you all very much! 


Hopefully you have been getting on with the work that we have been putting on here for you, but remember to take regular breaks, get outside in the fresh air (if you can) and get some exercise. It is important to help your parents and carers out too - ask them if they have a job around the house that you could do for them. It's fair to say this is new to all of us so let's try and help each other :) 


Aside from the work we set you, there are lots of other learning opportunities around the home, for example, why not ask your adult if you can cook a meal or bake a cake together? There is lots of maths to be found in weighing out the ingredients and measuring the time it needs to cook for - and these are real life skills that you'll all need. Go on, give it a go! 


Parents and carers, if you need any support with work we set, please email : and someone will get back to you.


Mrs Coyle and Mrs Leigh

Year 5 Tasks for Friday

Spellings for this week

Hi Ospreys, this is Mrs Wallington - just to let you know that Young Voices are now doing live singing sessions through their Facebook page.  Have a look in the Music section on the school website to find the link.  I've already joined in with the first session and it was really really fun!  You don't have to have done Young Voices before to join in, all your family will enjoy it!    Don't forget to check into YUMU to find your weekly music task too!

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