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Maths Enrichment

At St Clare's maths is seen as a subject to celebrate and we have had several maths events to promote a love of maths.


Times Table Rock Stars day - a whole day of times tables games, dressing up, singing and learning.

Maths is Art day - UKS2 looked at the links between Fibonacci, Cardiods and Barevelle's traingles with Art! Who knew you could create a curve using only straight lines?

Tendring Excellence Event - Our KS2 pupils performed a maths rap at the Princess Theatre. See the pictures and enjoy the lyrics. 



1-2 3 and to the 4 – EYFS from St Clare’s is at the door

In EYFS, we’ve got skills for days,

We understand maths in a variety of ways.

It’s all about doing, getting hands really messy

And it’s all about 10 so no need to get all stressy.

We’re not ones to boast, but we’ve really got 10 covered,

We do it through our play so the numbers are discovered.

We count in real life context,

So its plain to see,

That way maths is chilled like your teacher’s iced tea!


Our maths is tight like a rocket’s airlocks,

We’re as hot as the sun, so bring your sun blocks,

It’s all clear and bright like an equinox,

Since we started learning maths with the number blocks.

We count the cars, we count the socks,

We count the fruit and we count the rocks

We’re developing the necessary building blocks,

To see that three bears chased off Goldilocks.


This rap is here to show you how we do,

How we measure, and observe, it’s our big debut

So our skills no frills we advertise

Because all of us children can subitise!

We foresee that three is two and one

Three’s that magic number, it’s so much fun

4 is a square it’s fair to say,

And the smallest one is one at the end of the day.



Year 1 is taking over and so is the flow,

Coz now we’re breaking over 10 go go go,

All the way to 100 on our hundred square,

The patters are all programmed like some maths software,

Coz we’ve got 10 down, now the rest can be revealed,

The tens frame’s the aim, we don’t want the maths concealed!

Part whole models we can use our number bonds

Magic wands to unlock relationships and respond

To problems of subtraction, or addition it’s true

That 18 add four’s gonna be 22,

But we know our laws, it’s legislative,

Because addition number sentences are commutative.

Watch me write it out, so fresh and so clean,

When I’m diving deep in my numbers submarine.

Got arrays for days, my mind’s so hi tech

Watch me wreck the mic now with my Rekenrek.


Year 1 step down, you don’t know where you’re at,

Coz in Year 2 we’ve got to sit the SATs,

But reasoning in mastery is such a key feature,

We don’t feel the pressure – it’s all on the teacher!

We learn in small steps coz it’s just good practice!

Don’t know who Rosenshine is – but the man’s got tactics!

Spread out like elastics, the mind don’t boggle

When you divide numbers on the b b bar model

Our minds, can’t fathom those peculiar days

That we used to maths in such abstract ways.

Out with the old and in with the new,

Mastery’s our way and it’s methods are true

It helps us see that maths so it sticks like glue

It just how we roll in the Year 2 crew.


Now we’re at year 3, we want to ask you a question,

It’s a simple one so just relax your facial expression.

What percentage of kids think learning maths fun?

I’d say 99.9 add a zero point one

By year 2 we’d sorted out the 2s, 5s and 10s

Now we’re working on the 4’s and 8’s using the stems

These sentences are messages, right to the brain,

To remind us of the answer, take away all the strain,

And after some time, we can learn to maintain,

And take over from the teacher, so we all can explain.

And now I know the key, you’ve just gotta be brave

We know to have a go, it’s the way we behave.

So listen to teacher, and like a seal on a wave

It’ll feel like a kiss from a ‘White Rose’ on the grey.


In Year 4 we’re gonna cash in that investment,

Of learning those tables, the multiplication assessment.

And if you have forgotten,

Let me give you refreshment, on just what has to happen – it’ll be evanescent!

We learn through games, that’s the key to enthral,

We’re aiming for a student fluent in rapid recall.

When there’s variety involved then the learning is fast,

It really makes times tables learning feel like a blast!

Captain conjecture here to give you a lecture on

Making foundations deep like some Greek architecture,

Understanding money like the finance sector,

And cutting through a problem like a movie director.

We go deeper into adding, now more digits are used,

We still use representations, so we don’t get confused.

Ask me what a fraction is, you won’t see me bemused,

Because the visual means the abstract can be straight up excused.


In Y5 we’re stepping up when learning bout fractions,

Our interactions with this maths could cause some serious infractions

But how we do it makes us feel cool like cucumbers,

Because a fraction’s just the quotient of 2 rational numbers.

The teacher serves them up to us like meals from a waiter,

If they’re looking hard try looking at that denominator.

Equivalence is the key to fraction success,

But we’ve seen it, we can show it, so there’s no fractions mess.

We’re sorting out our formal calculations with ease,

It’s a breeze coz extra digits doesn’t matter with these,

Once you know the method do 360 degrees,

Flip around a full turn, smash it out and say ‘Cheese!”

We’re cool that this year’s high ex-pec-ta-tions,

Is to be fluent in our formal calculations,

The year is measure heavy but in situations,

We can calculate the problem using 4 operations.


Year 6 were the oldest ones, and sage to the max

We’re building up to something big, that yearly climax,

The photocopier’s jamming up with reasoning packs,

It’s your favourite external assessment, The Year 6 SATS.

Nah leave that, it’s nothing compared to just how we’ve grown,

We do algebra, and ratio, these things were unknown,

We’re the big boys and girls, we’re like a maths don

Ask me what circumference is, I’ll be like ‘hold on’

3.14159 2653589 7932384 626 Do you need any more?

We make maths music like a mariachi,

We’re reasoning bout sequencing like Fibonacci

We’ve got negative down, like we’re under the sea.

What’s the difference in degrees between Rome and Napoli,

Chen’s got a number and he wants us to guess it,

Mollie’s bought some pencils but her money was counterfeit,

Sam’s got a bike, he got it in the sale

35% off, what sorta bargain did he hail?

Ask me about statistics I could do it in my slumber,

And with both hands, I can convert a mixed number,

I know that decimals and fractions are the same,

And if you get it out of 100, then percent is the name.

It’s the end of our journey, and it’s awesome to see,

How we’ve travelled on our way powered by mastery,

Because the steps were slow, the learning went faster

It’s the only way to go, to be a maths master.