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Pupil Premium, Recovery Strategy and Sport Premium

What is Pupil Premium?


Pupil Premium is a government scheme that was introduced in 2011 to improve education of underprivileged children. It was launched after several research papers suggested that there was significant gap between the educational performance of disadvantaged children and their classmates. In contrast to many of their peers, many children who are eligible for Pupil Premium have to face extra challenges daily. Our strategy for 2021-24 lists some of the challenges we know to be true for some of the children of St Clare's.


The scheme aims to grant schools with extra funding so that they're able to provide additional support for children who faced with these types of challenges. Its objective is to help schools unlock the learning potential of their pupils and provide them with a better education. It also aspires to narrow the gap of educational development between children of underprivileged backgrounds and their peers.